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Go Green

Excel Roofing Services offers premium solutions for every aspect of your project. From transport, to instillation, to clean up, we guarantee the highest quality of work at a reasonable price. 


Quality Services for a fair price from a team you can trust


Your home is your safe place, and protecting it is our number one priority. Choose from our highest quality materials and let our reliable experts handle the installation.


We make our installation process as tidy and efficient as possible so your business can proceed without the excess noise or leftover clutter of a traditional install.

Insurance Claim

Our precise appraisals are  backed by decades of experience, and these accurate estimates will make filing an insurance claim as fast and easy as possible

Additional Services

We believe in a quality job, even outside our excellent roofing replacement and repairs. We offer a few additional services as a cherry on top to meet our standards of absolute care for our customers.

Our team of experienced professionals inspect, install, repair, and advise homeowners on the best options for their needs in order to save money when looking into solar.

Solar Roofing

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